Stunning £3million luxury home comes with some absolutely amazing extras

luxury home comes with some absolutely amazing extras

This luxury house is the stuff dreams are made from.

Not only does this include all of of the hottest gadgets, panoramic views and tonnes of room, it’s a additional that is brilliant.

The land at Kingswood, Surrey, even has its very own theater – but in addition, it includes a rather hefty price tag of nearly #3million.

The theatre space in the house would not seem out of place in Star Trek with its sleek walls and lights and comes with its own leather cushioned seats.

Whiteoak Developments have constructed the home and can be in one of the most prestigious streets of Kingswood.

The home has an gorgeous and ultra-modern layout that conjures up pictures of those types of properties that you see on Grand Designs.

It has panoramic views of the Kingswood Golf and Country Club class, reports that the Surrey Mirror .

The tech within the home is topnotch, with high-spec lighting and air conditioning.

Living room, you will find a spiral stairs that is great, two reception rooms plus four bedrooms each with fitted wardrobes and bath/shower room suites

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